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UDP Media Channels are identified by
A. 32 bit Source Port Number and 32 bit Destination Port Number.
B. 48 bit MCU Number and the 32 bit Gateway Number.
C. V35 Port and RS449 Port.
D. None of the other alternatives apply..
E. 16 bit Source Port Number and 16 bit Destination Port Number.
F. 32 bit Address or Signaling Port and ISDN Port Number.

Correct Answer: E
The scope of H.225 Standard describes
A. video and audio coders for H.323.
B. the Coding Operation details for video and audio.
C. channel bandwidth sub-division.
D. the means by which audio, video, data, and control are associated, coded, and channelized for transport between H.320 equipment on a channel network.
E. the means by which audio, video, data, and control are associated, coded, and packetized for transport between H.323 equipment on a packet-based network.

Correct Answer: E
The T.127 and T.128 ITU-T Standards are used for which two functions?
A. Video and Audio Switching and Routing.
B. Scan Converter Application
C. Sharing Windows Applications
D. White Boarding Application
E. Multipoint File Transfer Application
Correct Answer: CE
What are the termination impedance and the signal level for PAL video?
A. 75 Ohms and 1Vpp
B. 50 Ohms and 2Vrms
C. 75 Ohms and 1Vrms
D. 50 Ohms and 1Vpp

Correct Answer: A
Clocking Hierarchy for Channel Networks from the Public Network to the customer premise station equipment is as follows:
A. Master Clock / Nodal Clock / Local Clock / Recovered Clock
B. Master Clock / Nodal Clock / Recovered Clock / Local Clock
C. Master Clock / Local Clock / Recovered Clock / Nodal Clock
D. Recovered Clock / Nodal Clock / Master Clock

Correct Answer: A
E1 trunks are capable of supporting up to
A. 5 – 384,000 bit per second connections.
B. 7 – 384,000 bit per second connections.
C. 6 – 384,000 bit per second connections.
D. 4 – 384,000 bit per second connections.

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following best describes 64,000 bits per second?
A. DS0
C. DS1
D. DS3
Correct Answer: A
Gatekeeper messages for registration and admission that are successful will always have the Generic
structure as:
(Note – “XX” – is a variable value that represents specific Gatekeeper names)

A. RequestXX, DenyXXC
B. RequestXX, ReplyXX
C. XXRequest, XXConfirm
D. XXRequest, XXAcnowledged
E. XXRequest, XXReply
Correct Answer: C
Which test equipment is used to verify ISDN Q.931 messages?
A. Break out Box
B. Protocol Analyzer
C. Bit Error Rate Test set
D. Distortion Analyzer
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following describe video dynamics as processed through a videoconference system?
A. Codecs have more restrictive limits than cameras, and the best way to accurately assess the video quality sent to the far-end is to view a video scene fully coded and then decoded.
B. Codecs have the same limits as cameras and therefore will not change the perceived qualities of the video as rendered by the cameras.
C. Cameras react to light the same as ones eye and video monitors accurately render the video information so what one sees by eye is what the far-end sees.
D. Cameras have limits to the range of light levels which can be accommodated and tend to process the darker regions further toward black than what ones eye sees.

Correct Answer: AD

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